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Sugar Glider Information

Sugar gliders are marsupials that carry their young in their pouch! They are nocturnal so they do not like to be handled in the daytime and need a dark quiet place to sleep. They are arboreal so they need to be able to climb about a lot. They are omnivores with a preference for sweet foods. They need space to jump and glide.

They should be handled gently and patiently when young to create trust and a bond with them. If this does not happen, they will be upset and agitated a lot as evidenced by them crabbing or making a raspy barking noise. This is usually followed by biting if they continue to be scared. They require a lot of care and can live longer than most small pocket pets. They should not be selected as a pet without a lot of research and consideration of their needs.

Sugar Glider

Veterinary Care - Sick sugar gliders will have their stool tested for parasites and bacterial infections. Bloodwork and X-rays may also be performed. Males can be neutered to reduce fighting when kept together or to prevent breeding. Females can be spayed but it is much more involved and risky surgery.

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