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Click HERE for our January Monthly Special! Free nail trim with select purchase. 

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New hours notice

Notice! In July 2019, certain dog food (and some cat food) brands were found to be associated with heart failure. Please click here for the 16 brands listed and contact us if you have any concerns for your dog or cat. Further, the FDA has issued a notice that there is a possible link between dogs on grain-free diets and a specific heart disease. Read this memo for further details.;jsessionid=8FB7D1A416391E1E7F15E0A050C65927?id=101864815&scale=-1&size=1534275763721;jsessionid=8FB7D1A416391E1E7F15E0A050C65927?id=101864815&scale=-1&size=1534275622387;jsessionid=8FB7D1A416391E1E7F15E0A050C65927?id=101864815&scale=-1&size=1534275582823



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