Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy

To provide our clients with convenience and competitive pricing, Best Friends' Veterinary Hospital has partnered itself with the company Vets First Choice to provide for you our very own Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy.

Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy receives their medications directly from the same pharmaceutical companies Best Friends' Veterinary Hospital gets their inhouse supply from.  Therefore, the Veterinarians feel that the quality of those medications provided to Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy are up to the same standards of quality that we demand for medications carried in our in-clinic pharmacy.  This insures that the medicine you purchase through our Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy are safe for your pet, are not counterfeit or fake, and they are backed by the manufacturer's guarantees.

Vets First Choice has also been awarded the Vet-VIPP certification, a prestigious certification provided by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.  They are also LegitScript Certified, and PCAB accredited.  Our Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy meets the highest qualifications a pharmacy can carry, another guarantee your pet's medications is safe and secure.

Save gas, avoid traffic, and have more time to spend with your special companion when you place your pet's prescriptions on Automatic Refill through the Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy.   

Through Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy, Best Friends' Veterinary Hospital is able to offer our clients the same medications they can receive from our clinic, with the added benefits of:

1. A direct link of an online pharmacy with our clinic Veterinarians.  We can write your pet's prescriptions online for you, and approve prescription requests directly.

2. Delivery of your pet's medications to your home.

3. Automatic refills so prescriptions do not run out.

4. Rebates and discounts available only to participating clients.

5. Special compounding orders in a variety of flavors and concentrations to make it easier for you to give your pets their medications.

6. Competitive pricing of some popular medications, such as flea and tick preventatives, heartworm preventatives, and pain management medications.

Simply visit Best Friends' Veterinary Hospital's website, click on the Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy link, and fill in the registration material.  Our Veterinarians are contacted directly for approval of your prescription requests.

Vets First Choice Online Pharmacy allows us to offer you competitive pricing on a wide variety of prescription medications, and the convenience of home delivery all with the confidence that you are getting your special companion's prescription medication directly from qualified manufacturers backed by their guarantees!

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If you have any questions, please call us at 301-977-1881